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Ironhed, LLC has been building custom two piece split steel conduit and casing solutions for the utility industry since 2003. Co founder and president Debbie Hall, has advanced the course of problem solving and support for the relocation of line utilities across North America by partnering with distributors, engineering firms and construction firms on high profile government and private sector projects.

Our company is committed to expanding our knowledge in order to meet new challenges and solve new problems for our customers with our FMP system. Additionally, we have the ability to source other construction materials for your utility projects.

As of 2017 we are proud to be a certified Women’s Business Enterprise and a member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

Ironhed Flanged Maintenance Pipe (FMP)…

…is an engineered two-piece steel conduit system for repair of IPS conduit where existing utilities need protection without interruption of service. Relocation such as raising and lowering of live cable plant is well protected using FMP’s staggered joint assembly instead of couplings - eliminating any joint buckle. Extension of casing for road widening or railroad construction and a smooth transition sleeve for connecting two different IPS sized materials are all applications that FMP is designed for.

FMP is superior to cut pipe and provides excellent mechanical protection for utility relocation and casing extension. Here’s why:

  • FMP is an engineered system, manufactured to factory tolerances - yielding a quality product that bolts together precisely.
  • FMP improves labor efficiency two ways: 1) FMP requires no couplers on straight runs. Instead, the top and bottom seams are staggered, creating casing that is very strong and fast to install (with a wrench and cordless driver). Continuous flange allows for lengths to be tailored. Anti-corrosive fasteners are included. 2) FMP can be delivered directly to the job-site requiring no additional field fabrication to make FMP work-ready.
  • FMP is safer to work with as it has no burrs or jagged edges. In addition, Ironhed welds lifting eyes on larger sizes to assist in hoisting, placement, and adjustment.

Ironhed LLC in Columbus, Ohio developed FMP after studying the field issues with the cooperation and help of several utility maintenance contractors. The result of this process is …..FMP: a field driven solution responding to the need for a split steel casing that is uniform in its assembly, adaptable to IPS products/sizes and a design that engineers can rely on. Railroads, highways, power and telecommunications companies all build and maintain utilities in shared easements. With continued growth along the easements, upgrades and maintenance will continue to expose active utility lines. FMP is an engineered solution to these challenges.

FMP has been approved by and used for: AT&T, Qwest, Sprint, CXS Rail and Norfolk & Southern Rail and meets loading requirements for highway (H-20) and rail (Cooper E-80) construction.

If you need a size, coupler, or sweep that is not found on our catalog, we can disc design a custom solution. We are happy to source spacers and seals for your casing jobs as well.

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