Engineered Mechanical Protection For Live Utilities

Engineered Mechanical Protection For Live Utilities

Ironhed FMP (Flanged Maintenance Pipe) is a two-piece or four-piece split casing (depending on diameter) providing mechanical protection of live utilities where service must not be interrupted. Ironhed sizes FMP based on SIDR (pipe size controlled by I.D. rather than O.D.). Therefore, FMP sleeves-over corresponding IPS/SDR-sized pipe.

In our larger sized casing (water, sewer, gas…etc), FMP can be used standalone or as casing extension. These casings are often required to be welded. Ironhed’s gasketing solution eliminates the considerable expense of welding (and the danger and liability present in welding around live gas mains, or the risk of damaging PVC or HDPE carrier pipes and contents).

One benefit of this sleeve-over sizing is the quick repair of ruptured or splintered conduit often without having to remove the old conduit - whether it is a small section or an entire run. Ironhed offers 12 and 15 inch long rounding couplers to re-round and join the ends of HDPE innderduct that may be oval or mis-shapen, and is especially in tight spaces such as hand-holes. All FMP sizes (including rounding couplers) are available with a separate gasketing kit which seals along all flanges and butt seams.

Ironhed produces FMP in carbon-galvanized-stainless steel and aluminum, and is available in standard and custom sizes ranging from nominal 1” to 72” I.D. FMP is used extensively by AT&T, Sprint, Verizon/MCI, Level 3, CSX, Norfolk & Southern, Kiewit Corp, Skanska Facchina, Chevron Oil, Shell Oil, Sunoco and Chicago METRA – among others, and can meet loading requirement standards – typically Cooper E-80 for rail and H-20 for roadway construction. PRODUCED FROM: ASTM A36 CARBON STEEL PLATE (LOW-ALLOY): MIN YIELD 36,000 PSI, TENSILE 58,000 - 80,000 PSI.

  • FMP provides superior mechanical protection. Bridge and overpass, or buried applications where highway or rail construction presents new loading considerations for the live utilities buried within.
  • Our products are manufactured uniformly to close factory tolerance. FMP is delivered directly to the site with no burrs or sharp edges and requires no field fabrication or tuning - allowing for safer handling and more efficient installation. FMP is provided in 5 ft and 10 ft sections to enable staggered joint assembly. Faster again, requiring no couplings for straight runs.
  • FMP is an engineered system of components with part numbering for all stick sizes, sweeps, couplers, and adaptors - allowing for a smoother procurement and communication process.
  • Depending on metal weight, Ironhed offers galvanizing (ASTM A653 - before fabrication) or hot-dipped process (ASTM A123/A - after fabrication). Powder coating is also available in black or safety yellow.
  • FMP is manufactured with pride in the USA by custom metal fabricators, skilled in the design and manufacture of special fittings or adaptors as may be required.
  • FMP is versatile and has also been used:

    • to extract in-place samples of grout/soil mixture thereby providing proof-by-sample analysis for retaining wall construction.
    • as a tamper-proof conduit to lock down and secure sensitive data cabling projects as required the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security, FBI, and USAF.
    • by a Boston area contractor who utilizes FMP to protect existing and exposed telecom cables in heavy construction areas of tunneling projects - without loss of service.
    • by an Illinois firm using heavy-wall galvanized FMP to encase and protect chemical-carrying hose up and along-side of an industrial furnace.
    • in plenum applications.
    • by a Nebraska manufacturer to encase and protect seed and grain augers running throughout their plant.
    • In a refueling yard of a major railroad to encase pressurized diesel fuel lines, creating secondary containment in the event of carrier pipe failure.

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