Engineered Mechanical Protection For Live Utilities


FLANGED MAINTENANCE PIPE (FMP) is an engineered split steel casing system that provides superior mechanical protection for existing underground and bridge-mounted utilities where live service must not be interrupted.

Manufactured in the U.S.A. by Ironhed LLC, FMP is produced from ASTM A36 steel plate, rendering a split casing that assembles precisely and has no sharp edges or burrs; enabling a faster and safer installation than can typically be achieved using cut and welded pipe. Continuous side flanges assembled with staggered joints, provide a strong unitized duct - without the need for couplers (on straight runs). FMP is sized to sleeve over existing IPS pipe and conduit (FMP I.D. = IPS O.D.). FMP is bolted together with provided grade 5 zinc locking fasteners.

WHEN A NO-WELD BARRIER IS REQUIRED, Ironhed provides RAM-NEC RN-103 sealant in 1” wide roll form to be field-applied, meeting ASTM C990 specification for pipe joints, manholes and precast box section sealant. Side flanges sandwich over and pressure the gasket when bolted. Butt-seams are sealed by applying a layer of RN-103 over the butt seam with an External Half Coupler (EHC) installed over the gasket to pressure the material into the seam and protect it from damage or dislocation during backfill. (Gaskets act as a barrier and should not be relied upon to hold pressure).


RN103 Spec Sheet


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