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Sleeve & Coupler

FMP Split Steel Fits Perfectly Over IPS Conduit

FMP Repair Coupler

Rounding Coupler - quick way to round ovalized hdpe to join with other HDPE or IPS sized conduit.

STANDARD FMP is produced to SIDR standard (size controlled by Inside Diameter) to sleeve-over other IPS-sized pipe for a snug compression fit. This sizing is useful to permanently repair existing conduit that has been damaged.


FMP can be used to bridge gaps in existing plastic or metal conduits, and can be produced slightly oversized as an expansion coupler for bridges or applications where movement within the coupler is desirable.

FMP Rounding Couplers (FMP-RC) provide a fast method of coupling HDPE or PVC pipe which is ovalized or otherwise mis-shapen. RC couplers are very useful in tight areas such as hand holes.

**VISCOTAQ-ST is available to seal all FMP including rounding couplers, expansion couplers, and repair couplers.


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