Engineered Mechanical Protection For Live Utilities

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FMP Split Steel Used On A Railway Bridge



FLANGED MAINTNENANCE PIPE protects innerduct and electrical cables in open-trench construction, relocations, and bridgework.

  • Superior mechanical protection prevents damage from future excavations in crowded utility easements.

  • FMP can be produced in lighter walls, which are easier and safer to handle without machinery: 10, 12, & 14 gauge steel and/or aluminum.

  • Installation efficiency is a main benefit of FMP. Reports from the field indicate significant labor savings as compared to split and welded steel pipe. FMP fits - first piece to last, with no field tuning required, and is best installed with drift pins, impact driver and fixed wrench.

  • Staggered seam assembly. No couplers are required for straight runs. Once bolted, FMP becomes a strong unitized casing that is re-enterable.


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