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FMP Larger Diameter Split Casing Projects

THE MOSAIC COMPANY operates the world’s largest solution mine in Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan, producing potash which is used mainly in fertilizer. New rail service to the plant required several existing buried water mains to be exposed and encased in steel to protect them from the new loads presented overhead - with all installation performed without loss of service. Stainless steel spacers were used to center, restrain, and isolate the carrier and casing pipes.

Ironhed’s Flanged Maintenance Pipe (FMP) was then installed in both two-piece (up to 42” diameter) casings and four-piece (over 42”). For the four-piece models, Ironhed shipped the sections in quarters which were site-assembled and installed as halves with staggered-seam assembly top & bottom, and closed by bolting the continuous flanges every 12 inches. The result is a strong and unitized casing throughout the length of the run. These casing also received vents and gaskets (which act as a barrier to intrusion). Installers report project completed on time.

Partners: Wappel Construction Ltd. / Kelly Panteluk Construction Ltd. / EMCO Waterworks Ltd.

FMP armor plates underground utilities under railroad crossing

Secondary Containment - Norfolk Southern / Inman Rail Yard December 16-18, 2013

Norfolk Southern Corporation provides rail and intermodal service extensively in the eastern United States, supported  by various service and maintenance facilities such the Inman Yard in Atlanta, GA. Fueling operations at Inman is representative. Pressurized diesel fuel is piped above-ground through a  6” steel main from on-site storage to the  fueling point. Secondary containment for much of this pipe system is achieved by a lined trench located 3 – 4 feet below the pipe, with concrete barriers installed between pipe and a parking area. A failure of the main pipe and any resulting spill of diesel fuel is contained within the trench, draining to a sump for treatment and/or removal.  This process is viable for the length of fuel pipe installed parallel to and east of a parking area of approximately 75 – 100 yds. It does not however, address containment of the pipe section that transitions to an overhead structure clearing roadway and rail lines eventually leading to the locomotive fueling facility itself.

A plan was evaluated to replace the overhead sections of the 6” main with a double-walled pipe, but abandoned due to issues of cost and service disruption. NS Corp then became aware of an alternative casing product through their engineering consultant (AECom) and on-site contractor (Herrin Industrial).  The product selected was Flanged Maintenance Pipe (FMP) produced by Ironhed LLC in Columbus, OH. FMP is a two-piece steel casing with continuous side flanges providing both mechanical protection and, in this case, secondary containment in the event of a spill or rupture  of the carrier fuel pipe - due to FMP’s gasket feature.  10” I.D. FMP casing was selected to protect and encapsulate the 6.625” O.D. fuel pipe. Additionally, polyethylene spacers were installed every 6’ to suspend and center the fuel pipe within the FMP casing, with Wrap-It links installed to seal the annular spaces at each end. Seven different bends required custom sweeps within this run of approximately 90’of fuel pipe. Herrin Industrial installed transducers on the casing to provide leak detection and relief access was cut into the casing with a 2” galvanized pipe installed and routed  to the nearby sump.

The casing, sweeps, and couplers were fabricated by Ironhed in two weeks time, painted (ANSI – fuel specific - yellow) by the contractor and delivered to NS Corp’s  Inman Yard, Atlanta. The total time required by one crew to install the casing and re-weld it to the overhead structure’s expansion brackets was three days. The project was successfully completed in December 2013 without disruption of fueling operations and within the budget anticipated.


54" Ironhed Project in D.C.

11th St. Corridor—Road Widening—Washington D.C.

This customer needed casing for protection of a 30" water main. They ordered 54" I.D. x 1/2" wall FLANGED MAINTENANCE PIPE which was sandblasted, then coated with Tnemec Hi-Build Epoxoline II in the factory. Lifting slots with shackles were provided to make handling, final placement and installation in the field as simple as possible. Once installed the new carrier/casing was to be further protected by a precast arch positioned over a cluster of existing utilities.

Stafford County Project for FMP

Stafford County - Fredericksburg, Virginia

This contractor recently sourced Flanged Maintenance Pipe for split casing which was required by Stafford County to provide mechanical protection for an existing PVC sewer pipe.  This pipe was installed under planned road construction to connect a nursing home with a medical arts building in Fredericksburg.  The company's owner said that he usually would buy steel pipe and couplers, saw them into halves and weld fastening tabs onto each.  He then became aware of Ironhed's FMP product and was sold on its potential to save his crew time and his company money.  First, the FMP product was dropped at the job site - ready for install (saving him the time and expense to unload bulk pipe at his shop, cut and fabricate the pipe and couplers, and then re-load and transport it to the job site).  Secondly, Ironhed welded lifting eyes onto the corners of the FMP making its hoisting, placement, and adjustment as efficient and safe as possible.  Lastly, FMP bolted together quickly with a wrench and cordless drill requiring no couplers for the straight run.  The workers were concerned that the holes would line up correctly (no doubt a problem with cut & welded steel) and seemed impressed when FMP’s did every time - due to the fact that FMP is an engineered system, manufactured to close tolerances - specifically for this purpose.


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