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Polyethylene Casing Spacer

The CCI Model CSP Polyethylene Casing Spacer is injection molded from high- density polyethylene. These spacers provide an economical solution to metallic casing spacers.

The CCI Model CSP Polyethylene Casing Spacers exhibit low friction, high abrasion resistance allows the carrier pipe to slide easily and free of damage into the casing pipe. The low moisture absorption and high insulating value of polyethylene electrically insulates the carrier pipe and protects it from electrical current induced corrosion.

The pipe sizes range from 2 in. to 48 in. in diameter. The 2 in. through 12 in. is comprised of 2 halves, while 14 in. and above are comprised of multiple segments. For applications where the casing pipe is more than 2 to 3 pipe sizes larger than the carrier pipe, runner extensions can be added to the polyethylene spacers using HDPE by means of a vulcanizing process.

Recommended positioning of the spacers is one placed 1-2 feet on either side of the bell joint and one every 6-8 feet apart thereafter for a total of three casing spacers per joint. CCI engineering reserves the right to recommend spacing according to application.

Dielectric Strength
450-500 Volts/Mils
Compressive Strength
3,200 PSI
Tensile Strength
3,100 – 5,100 PSI
Water Absorption
Maximum Continuous Operating Temperature
225° F

CCI Pipeline Systems certifies that the standard Model CSP Polyethylene Casing Spacers are of the highest quality and meet or exceed industry standards.


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